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Educational / Art Philosophy

Generally, I am guiding the students to solve “Art challenges” with specific guidelines and while using Particular media (paint, pencil, ink, clay, etc.).  In the process of solving those challenges, most students will find much personal satisfaction and gain confidence in their artistic ability and in the way they have successfully and uniquely solved the challenge


Each Art lesson incorporates several of the Elements of Art (Color, Texture, Shape, Value, Form, Line and Space) and we identify those to learn about common features and distinctions in various styles and art pieces.  As student competency increases, they are able to discern and articulate better what they see and feel about art.  Historical artworks are examined and traditional art methods are learned so each student is well equipped with knowledge and abilities that can be applied to other subject areas and for their own enjoyment. 


I ask students to do their BEST work and to do their OWN work – these are the keys to success in Art Class


Oftentimes, there is a designed sequence that we follow – from simple to complex, in order to accommodate all students regardless of their “talent” in Art.  Those who excel in art can do supplemental work when they finish or can add enhancements which serve to make their artworks more challenging than what is required.