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Mr. Joshua Kapcoe » What is School-Wide Title I?

What is School-Wide Title I?

Homer-Center Elementary School implements a School-Wide Title I Program. Every teacher at Homer-Center is a Title I teacher and every student at our school is a Title I student. Essentially, this means that every student can receive support in reading from both the classroom teacher and the school's reading specialists, based upon their present need. Any areas of need are determined through a series of benchmark assessments administered three times per school year. Students are then monitored through regular progress monitoring assessments completed both bi-weekly and monthly throughout the school year. This offers tremendous opportunities for students to receive all the help they need to be successful in reading.

The goal of the Homer-Center Elementary School's School-Wide Title I Program is to provide a high-quality education for every child. The program is designed to provide extra help in reading for students in grades Kindergarten through Sixth.

This federally funded program provides reading assistance for all students in need of educational help; sets goals for improvement; measures student progress; and offers instruction that adds to regular classroom instruction.

The program varies slightly from year to year.