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Mr. Joshua Kapcoe » Why Read Aloud?

Why Read Aloud?

Does reading aloud to your child really matter?

Believe it or not, more than one in three children begin Kindergarten without the skills necessary for lifetime reading. Research has shown that reading aloud is the single most important thing you can do to help a child prepare for reading and learning.

Why should I read aloud to my child?

Reading aloud to children greatly enhances their language development. The number of words a child knows when they enter Kindergarten is a key predictor of his or her future success.

What are the benefits of reading aloud to my child?

By reading aloud to your child, you are setting an excellent example, showing them that reading is not only important but that it is pleasurable and valued. Not only is it fun to pick up a great book for enjoyment, but books provide us with a wealth of knowledge and information. You and your child can learn something new as you read aloud. Not only is your child gaining knowledge, but they are developing their vocabulary, their phonics skills, and are becoming increasingly familiar with the printed word. They are learning how a story is told and how to tell a story themselves. All of these skills work together to build upon a child's ability to comprehend what they are reading. Reading aloud builds literacy skills!

Is 15 minutes a day really enough to make a difference?

Reading 15 minutes each day for 5 years = 27,375 MINUTES!

Reading 15 minutes each day for 5 years = 456.25 HOURS!

Is there anything better than sharing a good book?