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Mr. Joshua Kapcoe » Walker/Early Dismissal Procedure

Walker/Early Dismissal Procedure

If your child is going to be a "walker" on a specific day, you MUST send in a note which states that your child is going to be a "walker" on this date (i.e. September 9, 2019).  If you do not send in a note or notify the office, I am required to send your child home on his/her regular p.m. bus.
If your child is going to be leaving early for an appointment, such as a doctor appointment, please send in a note to me, inside your child's Friday Folder, or in his/her Take Home Folder, which states the date and time you will be picking-up your child from school.  This allows time for me to notify the office, for attendance purposes, and enables me to save or send home any work that will be missed.
Thank you very much for your attention to this important matter!