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Mr. Joshua Kapcoe » First Grade Snack Guidelines

First Grade Snack Guidelines

Your child is permitted to bring a small, individual snack to school each day.  Although we do not have a specifically scheduled snack time in first grade, we allow students to enjoy a quick snack during our afternoon science/social studies/themed activities time.  This snack should be something simple and nutritious that your child can consume quickly and easilyHere are some good individual snack ideas: pretzels, pudding, applesauce, raising, fruit, veggies, and cheese (string cheese, chunks, etc.).
As a friendly reminder, please be aware that Homer-Center Elementary School has become a more allergy aware and allergy friendly building.  Our classroom, along with every other room and office outside of the school cafeteria, is designated to be nut-free.  If your child regularly brings a packed lunch from home, please make sure your child's snack and lunch are kept separate and are clearly labeled.  Home packed lunches must remain closed in the classroom.
Thank you in advance for your adherence to these elementary building guidelines!