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Mrs. Cheryl Turk » Things to Remember in 6th Grade

Things to Remember in 6th Grade


*The Friday Folder is sent home each Friday (or last day of the week) and is to be signed and return each Monday (or first day of the week).
*All forms that are sent home should be returned within a timely manner.
*Assignment notebooks should be used daily.  Teacher and parent signatures are required each day during the first grading period.  After this time frame, it is expected that each student will continue using the notebook on his/her own.  If a student does not keep up with assignments, he/she may need to revert back to adult signatures.
*Students need to be prepared for the start of each day.  It is expected that all assignments are completed when your child walks into the classroom each morning.  Book bags should be emptied, and desks should be organized before announcements.  Getting off to a good start leads into a great day!  Students are expected to follow all classroom rules and procedures throughout the entire day.  Quiet transitions should be made from class to class.  All students should take advantage of the time given at the end of the day to complete assignment notebooks, pack all necessary materials, and prepare for dismissal.
*The school dress code is enforced and closely monitored in sixth grade.  All shorts should be fingertip length.  Tank tops of any kind and flip flops or backless shoes are not permitted.  Clothes should not have inappropriate slogans.  If a student's clothing is a distraction or violates the dress code, he/she will need to call home for a change of clothes.
*Electronic devices of any kind are not permitted in sixth grade.  Students are encouraged to place their phones/devices in the teachers basket.  Items will be stored safely until the end of the school day. 
*Students need to arrive on time.  If you drop your child off, please be sure that he/she has enough time to get into the classroom and organize for the day.  Students may enter the classroom beginning at 8:37.  Announcements are at 8:57, and instruction follows immediately.  The cafeteria opens at 8:05 AM for early breakfast eaters.
*Please take advantage of Remind.  You will receive information about it on day 1. It is a great tool for instant messaging.  We will send important reminders, and we will use this tool of communication during the two day trip.  Simply text the message "hc6grade" to 81010 to join.
*Please provide us, the teachers, with your most current phone numbers and emails by completing the communication form that you will receive on day 1.  If information changes, let us know.
*Donations of pencils, eraser tops, tissues, hand sanitizer, etc. are always welcome and greatly appreciated.  
*Always feel free to contact me whenever a question or concern arises.  The quickest and easiest way is through email at