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Title I » Parent Involvement Policy

Parent Involvement Policy


Parental and family engagement is an integral part of the Title I Program in the Homer-Center School District. The administration and staff recognize the significance of a partnership between home and school to help children realize their fullest potential.


  1.      Information will be shared at Back-to-School Night and Kindergarten Registration outlining the Title I Program.
  2.      Parents and families will receive an informational letter notifying them of changes to the Title I Program.
  3.      A yearly meeting will be scheduled to provide a program overview for all parents and families.
  4.      Parents and families will have the opportunity to participate in yearly Parent and Family Engagement Workshops designed to provide suggestions for home engagement activities to enhance student progress and foster a love of learning.
  5.      Parents and families will have an opportunity to meet with Title I staff during meetings and conferences. Conferences will coincide with the district schedule (typically in October and February).
  6.     Timely information will be shared via telephone calls, letters, email and the school website.
  7.     The effectiveness of parent and family engagement activities will be evaluated via a brief parent survey.
  8.     The Title I staff will contact parents on an “as needed” basis to discuss student progress and provide suggestions for home involvement activities.
  9.     The Title I staff may elect to publish a newsletter several times throughout the year. These will be shared on the web and via email and Friday Folders.




Reviewed: Sept. 17, 2021