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Parent Involvement Policy

Homer-Center Elementary Title I Parent and Family Engagement Procedure


Parent and family engagement is an integral part of the Title I Program in the Homer-Center School District.  Through the collaboration of families, teachers, and administration a procedure has been created to ensure that parents and families are engaged in the planning design, and implementation of the school-wide Title I program as well as other activities designated by Section 1116 in Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).


  1. Parents and family members will be invited and encouraged to participate in a variety of stakeholder meetings throughout the year that will discuss, create, and review areas such as:
    1. Parent and Family Engagement Policies
    2. Annual Title I Meetings
    3. Development of the TitleI Plan
    4. Review of the Title I Program
    5. School Parent Compact
    6. Parent Workshops
  2. Homer-Center Elementary will build the school’s, parents’, and families’ capacity for strong parent and family engagement by providing assistance in understanding topics such as:
    • The State’s academic content and achievement standards
    • The State and local assessments including alternate assessments
    • The requirements of Title I and Title I schools
    • How to monitor student progress 
    • How to improve student achievement
    • How to work with educators
    • The school’s curriculum, interventions, and forms of academic assessment
  3. Workshops and annual Title I meetings will be held at a variety of times throughout the day as well as in a variety of methods (in-person and virtual) in order to meet the needs of the parents and families who wish to attend.  Topics addressed at such trainings will be parent and family driven.
  4.  Homer-Center Elementary will communicate with parents about the Title I program through letters, email, social media, and the district and school websites.  To assist in allowing parent and family members to participate, information will be shared in a language that parents and family members can understand.
  5. Parents and families will have an opportunity to meet with building administration and Title I staff during Back to School Night, Title I meetings, and conferences. Conferences will coincide with the district schedule (typically in October and February).  Additional meetings can be set up upon request.
  6. The effectiveness of the Title I program will be evaluated annually via a parent survey. 

Reviewed: 8/1/23