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Accelerated Reader

What is Accelerated Reader (AR) ?

It is a computer based program that monitors children’s independent reading practice and comprehension levels by providing assessments /quizzes based on a book.

What are the goals of this program?

This program will:
  • foster the student’s reading enjoyment.
  • monitor the student’s reading progress.
  • permit student’s reading growth.
How will my child use this program?


Your child will:
select & read a book marked as an AR book appropriate for his/her reading level.
  • log in to the AR program.
  • select the short quiz for that book.
  • answer a set number of questions specific to that book.
Who determines which books are AR books?
The Accelerated Reading program provides this service and also presently provides quizzes for over 150,000 books.


How is my child’s Reading Level determined?


STAR Reading Assessment (Standardized Testing for the Assessment & Reporting) contains a set number of multiple choice questions. Each student will be ‘tested’ at various times throughout the school year. This assessment provides the “ZPD” of each child.


What is a “ZPD?”             (Zone of Proximal Development)


It is the reading range which has been determined that will challenge the student (your child) without causing frustration or loss in reading motivation and will provide various degrees of reading success.


Who will ensure my child has the appropriate book for their “ZPD” reading level?


Your child’s Teacher and the Library Staff work together to ensure and guide your child to his/her book level. It is important to note that your child selects a book based on his/her interest level.