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Lub Dub Run Club

The Lub Dub Fitness Club is a running club that takes place in the Elementary Gym from 8:37-850 am on Days 1, 3, 5 and 6.  
Students will report to the elementary gym at the assigned time and job for 13 minutes or until they become tired.  Once they are done jogging they will be given a sticker to put on their Lub Dub attendance chart.  The more they come the more stickers they will earn.  As they earn stickers, they will earn a "mile foot print token" to mark each time they surpass a mile jogged.  The "foot print tokens" will be kept on a key chain (provided by me) and hung from the kids book bag. So each foot you see on their key chain represents 1 mile.  We will also do themed runs like a the students will be given a token for their key chain for that event.  For example, when we do our Turkey Trot, they will receive a turkey token for them to display. 
Show Up on Time
Make sure you are jogging....Walkers will be returned to class.
Eat Breakfast before coming to LUB DUB
This is not recess or play time. Student safety is utmost important.  Obey Safety Rules